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chanelaforets ha dicho Do you think there’s any chance the show will portray will’s ending as less bleak than the books? Or do you think it’ll end up being written as hopeless?

If they dont get the rights for using Clarice Starling im sure they are going to change his storyline. Thats what Fuller has said about it at least. They want him to help a character-type Clarice to hunt Hannibal down. Im not excited about that tbh. But lets see.

Things i wish if they DO get the right over SOTL and Clarice:

  • They change his storyline and give him a happy ending or hopeful at least (can we have Will overcoming his alcoholism? as a side story to SOTL i would love that! Maybe Molly too but this is just my shipping heart talking)
  • They give him book!ending as fucking painful as it is but meaningful. I dont even known if fandom being fandom is going to understand the meaning behind Will’s tragedy, because all this glorification of Hannibal. But ok. Thats a fair ending for me, it hurts me but it holds meaning.
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    I don’t agree with Clarice being boring to bring into the show universe, considering.. if there’s any character that’s...
  2. renfields--moved said: WIll/Clarice tho… I would be interested in seeing Will get his tragic ending, but then overcome it.. because he’s nothing if not resilient in spite of himself.
  3. ellenfanshaw said: yeah, i haven’t read but i’m not sure how i feel about will’s ending tbh? like aside from feeling sad for him, i don’t object to all of it but it just seems really bleak and paired with hannibal always getting his way idk man
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